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Dec 8, 2013

PhotoScape is a graphic editor that supports the most popular formats. Not only does it have all the necessary options for editing pictures (like cropping, paint brush and etc.), it can also frame them and even create animated GIF.


Dec 8, 2013

EA Sports Cricket works for those who genuinely enjoy cricket. If you don't like watching games on TV and don't want to play cricket outside - this game is for you. With EA Sports Cricket you can be in charge of the game and enjoy a life-like experience without leaving your home.

Meda MP3 Recorder

Dec 5, 2013

This program is capable of recording any sounds on your computer from streaming radio to a game soundtracks and sounds in the movies. Media MP3 Recorder can record different types of audio (luckily, not only MP3).


Dec 4, 2013

GTA V is a very popular role-playing video game; action takes place in Los Santos "" fictional city based on Los Angeles. The aim of the game is to gain respect of your gang members and boss, and to complete your missions with the help of special resources (cars, money) that usually need to be stolen....

Slender: The Eight Pages

Dec 3, 2013

Apparently, a successful video game isn't necessarily an expensive and sophisticated project with twisted plot and loads of ammo. You can prove this statement by playing "Slender: The Eight Pages" "" an indie horror game published by Parsec Productions.
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