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Windows 8

Dec 29, 2014

Windows 8 is Microsoft's attempt to develop an OS that would work similarly well on home computers and touchscreen devices by combining features of tablet and standard desktop interfaces. It looks nothing like good old Windows versions and raised some controversy among users.

Word 2013

Dec 25, 2014

Word 2013 is an office suit by Microsoft. It is designed for Windows 7 and Windows 8 and contains your favorite office tools, slightly improved and enhanced.

Adobe Flash Lite

Dec 19, 2014

Adobe Flash Lite is a player that you can use to view videos and animation. Flash technology is the most popular way of viewing web content, and Adobe Flash Lite gives you an easy access to it without installing any additional software.

Free DVD MP3 Ripper

Dec 18, 2014

Good sound doesn't need any visual support. Sometimes, video even distract people from the audio content and doesn't leave any room for imagination. In some cases, video is just not worth viewing! And, in some cases, users want to save some space on their hard drives and get rid of bulky video content....

Image Compressor

Dec 17, 2014

Most people use high quality cameras for shooting pictures these days. They give them an awesome quality and colors, but there is just one tiny shortcoming that they have to deal with - these images are really bulky in terms of size and it can be hard to share them online. Image Compressor will solve...
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