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iTunes 11.1 (32-Bit)    Jan 23, 2014 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 21, 2013

Editorial review

iTunes is the most popular service for purchasing and playing media content including music, movies. In fact this is a media player with the special system of file organization and access to online media store called iTunes Store.

Users of iDevices will appreciate the properties of iTunes as this media player is aimed to be used with these tools;
  • The search speed is rather high. Besides that in-build search tool is able to sort the results by categories;
  • The collections stored in iTunes library may be integrated with external server called iCloud. Using iCloud server you may playback flow video and audio files. The work with iTunes Store is simplified. As soon as you buy any media content via iTunes Store it becomes immediately accessible via all your iDevices;
  • The extended view mode is one of the benefits offered by iTunes. Using this mode you may view the whole lists of album tracks by clicking the image of album cover.


  • iTunes is characterized by its elegant user-friendly interface mainly. The laconic interface is free from any excessive details. The main windows has several tabs that display various files categories.


  • One of the most widely discussed disadvantage of iTunes is the absence of drag-and-drop technology when transferring the content onto an external drive. The system of ticks and categories turns out to complicate the process of uploading music files to your iPod;
  • Run with several other apps simultaneously iTunes totally loses its incredible speed. The processes freeze in most of the cases;
  • It is a bad idea to use iTunes as media player. The sound quality is very poor. Actually iTunes is nothing more than a well-structured media files library;
  • As soon as being run iTunes initiates synchronization process with the external devices. You need to abort this process each time if you don't want turning your iPod library into a complete mess.

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