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eMule 0.50a    Apr 12, 2010 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win ME / Win 2000 / Win NT / Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Windo
Size: 3.2 MB
Developer: eMule-project
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Editorial review

eMule is a free client for file exchanging network ed2k. It is the best alternative to a proprietary eDonkey. Besides that eMule is also able to work with Kad network. In other words eMule is the managed of data uploading which unites all the Internet users using this client. Today eMule is one of the most powerful and reliable clients for peer-to-peer file exchanging networks.

Features of Servers

  • Possibility to refresh the server list via set URL addresses for each client launching;
  • Possibility to refresh the server list via set URL addresses during the work of the client manually and automatically by timer;
  • Chance to get the server list from peers connected to your eMule client;
  • Server reconnecting acceleration;
  • Possibility to save the selected servers in the special lists.

Features of Clients

  • Rating system which balanced amount of uploaded and downloaded data. The queue of users is formed in accordance with their rating. In that way the users who have shared more files move in a queue faster;
  • The peers exchange the source lists of downloaded files.

Advantages of Search

  • Possibility of global search, server searching or current server searching;
  • Possibility to initiate downloading of the file right in a search bar by submitting its "ed2k://" link.


  • In-built global search system;
  • Hash code file identification. That prevents downloading one and the same file twice. Various users may name one and the same file in a different way but the system will identify this file as one and the same one.


  • Low downloading speed. The average speed is usually lower than 20 kBites per second.

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