ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall Review

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall 57    May 1, 2012 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 2.3 MB
Developer: ZoneAlarm
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 14, 2013

Editorial review

ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus + Firewall is a pack that combines an antivirus and a firewall for full protection of your computer. It shields your machine from viruses 24/7.


  • ZoneAlarm updates every 24 hours in background mode without bothering you;
  • The tool provides anti-phishing and anti-spyware protection in order to keep your personal information safe;
  • As many other modern antiviruses, ZoneAlarm has Game Mode. Put the program in Game Mode before you start playing or watching a movie, and pop-up windows won't bother you. You can choose to switch to Game Mode automatically;
  • By means of this antivirus you can perform full or quick scan. Quick scan takes only a few minutes. Set up the program to perform scans or updates weekly or monthly;
  • It offers real-time protection: users can browse Internet without being afraid to get a virus;
  • Aside from the obvious features there is also root and boot protection. It makes your PC invisible to hackers and doesn't allow sending out your info to those who has no right to possess it;
  • It keeps an eye out for any suspicious processes and eliminates the threat instantly;
  • ZoneAlarm allows private browsing in case you don't want your search history to be recorded; it scans engine results and checks sites that you visit;
  • The antivirus has a list of reliable programs and can help you figure out whether or not programs you use are harmful;
  • ZoneAlarm has a user-friendly interface. The program window consists of three tabs: antivirus, firewall and information. Pick an Antivirus tab if you want to customize or update it;
  • ZoneAlarm can also be used to back up the computer.

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