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Youtuber    Dec 9, 2013 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Jan 2, 2014


YouTuber is a downloading manager software targeted to work with YouTube video hosting. This simple to use program is aimed to help the users to download video and audio files from web hosting. It is one of the fastest functioning apps for grabbing YouTube videos and audio out of these online videos.


Using YouTuber you will also get the opportunity to play YouTube videos right through the interface of the program. In-built media player copes with this simple task easily. However the quality of sound and picture is actually not that high as it is in original YouTube videos. It can't be recommended for being used as a proper or default media player, but it can cope with demonstration task effectively.

Converter tool

YouTuber set of tools is complemented with additional converting one; YouTuber is able to proceed conversion to the majority of most popular media formats. It is also able to create short links for direct download. Apart from this the function of encoding links in QR codes may become very useful for the users of portable devices. Direct video download is a great function for cell phones as well.


YouTuber is characterized by the simplest interface ever. Using four tabs with clear signs Convert, Play, Download, Help you will be able to navigate this app easily and without any hassle. Select the necessary tab, submit URL address to the chosen video and click button to convert, download or just play the file. As you can see, there is no chance this software can turn out to be too complicated even for newbies.


  • The interface may seem to be a primitive and not very elegant one;
  • YouTube source codes are often updated. If that happens Youtuber isn't able to download a video file.

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