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Windows Reader for Windows 8 6.2.8232.0    Mar 9, 2012 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win 8
Developer: Microsoft Corporation
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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 26, 2014

Editorial review

Windows Reader for Windows 8 is an app which has been developed for reading the files encoded in PDF format. This tool is a comfortable alternative to bulky Adobe product. Being several times more compact than Adobe Reader, Windows Reader for Windows 8 is featured by handy functionality which isn't any worse than the one of the mentioned product. Due to the smart code used in this tool Windows Reader for Windows 8 requires far less system resources and coordinately works faster.


Windows Reader for Windows 8 is a compact, fast and handy tool which has great properties for viewing PDF files on your PC. This app allows its users to open, view, print and partially edit PDF files. Besides that Windows Reader for Windows 8 has in-built security system for save viewing PDF files. The one single disadvantage of Windows Reader for Windows 8 is the fact that it supports only PDF format and isn't able to view the documents encoded in other formats.


  • Thankful to the interactive mode it is possible to fill in any form in PDF format;
  • It is possible to add comments and marks to the opened PDF file or document;
  • Supporting the property of loading the add-ons and fixes for maintaining more comfortable and effective functioning of the tool;
  • With the help of Javascript add-on it is possible to create the complete logics for the PDF format forms;
  • Windows Reader for Windows 8 has in-built converter which makes it possible to convert any PDF document in text format;
  • The regular updates are carried out automatically;
  • Easy and use-friendly interface comprehensible for all the computer users categories.

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