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Windows 8

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 29, 2014

Editorial review

Windows 8 is Microsoft's attempt to develop an OS that would work similarly well on home computers and touchscreen devices by combining features of tablet and standard desktop interfaces. It looks nothing like good old Windows versions and raised some controversy among users.

First impression

The developers understood that releasing a separate OS for tablets would be a bad idea and decided to make one that suits both tablets and PC. It was a tricky task because making a brand new system without the support for old versions was impossible while the old parameters weren't good enough for tablets. So, they added a brand new desktop to the habitual one. This is the most shocking new feature of Windows 8 that gave way to lots of controversial arguments: some users find it nice and handy while others complain that using it on PC is a pain. Anyways, the decision looks perfectly logical.

Windows 8 for tablets

The interface is based on the principles that Windows played with while creating Zune and Windows Phone OS. It has a tile-based interface that doesn't look like that on Android phones. The tiles differ in terms of shape and size and display some important information. You can manage and relocate them and they are all fully customizable. There is a separate browser for this desktop called MSIE which appears to be decent enough to meet modern user's requirements.

Windows 8 for PC

In fact, this desktop is a copy of Windows 7. There are some minor enhancements but in overall it's similar to the old version. Thus, users that didn't want to switch to Windows 8 don't have to worry because this OS is a clone of the old one. As for the enhancements, you will discover a better Flash experience, several new apps, safer web browsing, etc.


Windows 8 is not bad. It's just different. The major disadvantage is associated with swipe-though issues that appear when you accidentally touch your touch pad and switch to the second browser. It requires some time to get used to but in overall it's quite nice.

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