Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview Review

Windows 8.1 Enterprise Preview 6.3.9431    Oct 17, 2013 release

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OS: Win 8
Developer: Microsoft
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by SoftwarePuppy Jul 12, 2014


Recently Microsoft corporation has introduced a new reliable and usable working environment which is aimed to suite for any working style. This is the most powerful and fast OS which is compatible with PC, laptop and tablets.

Basic advantages of Windows 8.1

  • Improved productivity. Windows 8.1 introduces the new level of productivity. Try its improved multitasking, support of several displays, mouse and keyboard navigation, extended desktop, new in-built smart search tool. Besides that this OS supports the latest hardware innovations including CPU, InstantGo, displays, NFC, mini tablets;
  • Windows Business allows you to develop and upgrade your apps and manage them faster and easier. Moreover this working environments is available both on PC and tablets since platform is shared. Use the necessary software tools and synchronize them regardless of your current location;
  • Empower Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) function provides improved IT managing. Organize and synchronize desktop content on all devices. Delete business data from remote points of access;
  • Completely new multi-level system for data protection. Use the modern access security technologies for providing safe corporate work. Windows 8.1 supports fingerprint scanning devices or virtual smart cards. Besides that web browser and other system components are highly resistance towards potential virus threats;
  • Incredible response speed allows to play even the latest video games. You won't face such problems as process freezing or other bugs;
  • Take into consideration that Enterprise Preview version of Windows 8.1 is aimed to let the software developers test their products. If you wish to use this system for personal and home usage you should probably choose full version.

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