Vista Customization Pack Review

Vista Customization Pack 3.6    Apr 29, 2008 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP
Size: 49.3 MB
Developer: Joejoe
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by SoftwarePuppy Nov 21, 2014

Editorial review

The pack includes multiple additional elements that will customize your OS and improve your user experience. The application gives your OS interface a Vista look without installing the actual OS.

How to start

Installation is pretty standard and you won't be asked to do anything extraordinary. Upon the installation, restart your computer and then go back to check the new features that you have.

Added features

You will find a bunch of fancy elements like new icons, cursors, boot screen, and themes. There is a transparency effect that you can apply to windows, system tray clock style, and other nice minor changes. Long story short, the pack successfully imitates Vista interface.


The interface is appealing at first sight but can be tiresome in a long term perspective. Some features like transparent menu can be quite annoying as well.

The most serious issue associated with this pack is its effect on the system. The point is it can cause occasional crashes and also be an obstacle when you are trying to install new software. You will have to uninstall the pack every time such problems occur, and it sounds quite like a pain in the neck.

Who should use it

It can be particularly useful for Windows 8 users that oftentimes complain about its appearance and interface. Using Vista Customization Pack, you can give your OS that retro Vista look. You can install this pack on any old or new version of Windows.

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