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Virtual CloneDrive    Mar 14, 2011 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win 98 / Win 98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win XP / Win Vista
Size: 1.5 MB
Developer: Elby
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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 15, 2014

Editorial review

The program is a virtual imitation of an additional DVD drive that's located on your desktop. It gives you the opportunity to mount ISO, IMG, BIN, and UDF files and DVD and CCD without burning them. Simplicity, efficiency, zero price and lightness are the best characteristics of this tool.

How to use the program

There are two ways of using this tool. You can either launch it and play with the settings (specify the number of drives (up to 15) and disable or enable the features like Virtual Sheep, Keep History of Recently Mounted Images, Automount last image, Show Tray Icon, etc.) or right click on the file and start the process automatically. Unmounting is just as easy as mounting - just right click on the file and choose the desired option.

On the downside, the ideal OS for this program is Windows XP which is a bit outdated. The program also works with Vista, 7, and 8, but the performance on Vista is quite unpredictable sometimes. As for Windows 7 and 8, the program lacks support. Another disadvantage of this program is a lengthy setup.


Virtual CloneDrive is a free program that is easy to use and doesn't take too much space on your hard drive. It can save you some time and effort when you want to mount ISO, IMG files and DVD but don't feel like burning them. Long story short, it works as a regular DVD drive but appears as a virtual tool rather than physical.

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