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Ultimate Dictionary 1.0    Jan 29, 2009 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 19, 2014


Ultimate Dictionary is a universal dictionary that offers over 30 different dictionaries, including following languages: English, Spanish, Polish, French and German. If you have this dictionary, you will probably not need anything else fro translation purposes. It offers a full set of definitions and explanations for every word helping its users to get accurate translation of a document or a sentence.

Functions and possibilities

  • The tool doesn't just include dictionaries, it includes thesauruses and glossaries, too;
  • It lets quickly look up the unknown words from any source (a MS Words document, a web page, etc.), all you need to do is run a mouse cursor over a word that you need to translate and the program will display a compact pop-up window with all the possible explanations for the unknown word (for that Scan more should be enabled);
  • Allows adding new dictionaries, rearranging them and removing those you don't need: you can view the list of all the offered dictionaries and their word count, tick or untick boxes in order to disable or enable them;
  • Allows to compare and analyze word definitions and meanings taken from different dictionaries;
  • Interface of the program is plain, which means Ultimate Dictionary can be used without any tutorial.


Program interface is very outdated: all the words and their explanations are written in bold type, formatting is far from being perfect or at least neat which makes text hard to read. Only those who are used to working with different kinds of dictionaries won't be bothered by this fact.

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