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Subtitle Edit 3.1    Dec 15, 2010 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win 2000 / Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win
Size: 2.7 MB
Developer: Nikolaj Lynge Olsson
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by SoftwarePuppy Jan 3, 2014

Editorial review

Subtitle Edit is a powerful and advanced software program that can not only create but edit and bring other sorts of changes to the current subtitles. Program will be useful for those who work with subtitles on regular basis because it provides with plenty of advanced functions for professional work.

Subtitle Edit features

  • Creating new subtitles;
  • Simple to understand and work with interface;
  • Opening and further editing of current subtitles of such formats as SRT and SSA;
  • Import and export textual information;
  • Edits the time setting of subtitles and allows to hold them if needed;
  • Supports styles editor;
  • Translates subtitles on other languages by means of Google Translate;
  • Moving of subtitles on the screen is possible;
  • Supports copy paste option, which means you don't need to edit a whole file, you can just add and remove pieces when needed;
  • Changes the size of subtitles;
  • Subtitles can appear in a letter by letter way as someone is typing them or in karaoke mode;
  • Merges and splits subtitles into lines;
  • Allows to proceed word search within the whole subtitles;
  • Supports the possibility to find and change certain text elements;
  • Time triggers "" when the subtitles should start being shown and when they should be turned off;
  • Checks for errors in coding;
  • Checks for spelling mistakes;
  • History of your operations is saved so if you do something wrong, you have an undo button;
  • Supports UTF-8 and unicode (meaning you can still see special symbols of various languages).

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