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SnowFox YouTube Downloader HD SnowFox YouTube Downloader HD    Jan 16, 2012 release

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Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
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Developer: SnowFox Software
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 21, 2013

Editorial review

SnowFox YouTube Downloader HD is a downloader for YouTube videos in HD quality that is able to maintain high resolution of saved videos. Software's possibility is very specific and narrow, but it deals perfectly with the task to grab YouTube videos. Copying of a YouTube video is possible in completing 3 simple steps. While completing all these steps, there is a status notification in the very bottom of the software window that will give you the hints about what yo should do next.

Step 1. Provide URL to a YouTube video in HD quality that you want to download. Software supports downloading of multiple files, if you want ti initiate saving videos in bulk mode, you need to press blue button on the right of the tab with URL.

Step 2. You are now allowed to choose one of 6 various formats for your future video file. You have the following options: FLV of normal quality, iPad video of MP4 format of high quality, video of high quality with 360p, video of high quality with 480p, HD video with 720p and Full HD video with 1080p.

Step 3. Choose the output folder for your file to be saved to, you can either type the path manually or hit the button and browse for the right folder.

If all the steps from the list are done, you can start downloading the HD video or videos onto your computer. Press the button with blue arrow in the right lower corner to begin the process. During ripping the video you will see how it is being proceeded on a progress bar.

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