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Skype    Jan 23, 2014 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 12, 2013

Skype as a messenger

Skype is a free program that allows calling any country of the world and chatting with other Skype user withing the network. By means of Skype users can talk to their friends, have online conferences and even hold video tutorials on a distance. The app is constantly improved and at this point it has the following features: it allows sending instant messages Skype to Skype and calling Skype to Skype for free; it also lets you text and call someone's cell (low cost messages and calls). One of the most convenient features of Skype is ability to create group video conferences and group chats. As any messenger, Skype offers changing online status (Online, Away, Do not disturb, Invisible, Offline), update their personal statuses and share some information about users from their profiles.

Skype and social networks

Skype combines features of a messenger and a social network: Skype account can be associated with Facebook account so it is easier for users to access their news feed without actually going to Facebook: all the news are shown within Skype window. Skype allows posting news updates; it informs your friends about your birthday, and lets you choose a profile picture. The app can even be associated with your Microsoft Account.

Skype tricks

When using the Invisible status, you can still send and receive messages but for everyone else your status will be "Offline". Skype offers the option of blocking users in case you want to restrict access to your information or yourself. To make communication more convenient, re-name contacts and group chats (these changes will be visible only to you). Set up Skype so it turns on when you turn on the PC so friends can always reach you.


Sometimes it takes long for a message to reach its addressee as the messages are delivered only when both of the members of the conversation are online.

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