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Skype for Windows 8    Feb 13, 2014 release

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OS: Win 8
Developer: Skype
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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 5, 2014

Editorial review

Microsoft has upgraded its OS and all the related software is standing in the line for updates, too. Skype is not an exception: new version of Skype for Windows 8 has already been released and ready to be downloaded. It features a number of enhancements aimed on making your IM experience better.


New Skype offers an improved quality of audio and video chats and instant messaging. The sound is clear and the video quality is much better as compared to older versions. In overall, the quality of your Skype connection depends on the quality of your Internet connection. Obviously, it won't show the best performance when you are connected to a free WiFi hotspot, but in normal conditions the quality of audio and video chats is just as good as expected.

As for instant messages, there were no problems with them in any of the previous versions and this feature keeps working great. By the way, Skype emoticons collection is supposedly the best one among other IM clients. They truly make communication more expressive and entertaining.

Some changes were made in the interface. It may look a bit weird in the very beginning but you'll get used to it in no time because the overall impression doesn't differ from that in older versions. New interface makes the application more user friendly when launched on tablets.

Social networking integration

The expectations were high and many people expected Facebook integration, but this dream never came true. Skype isn't integrated with any social networking websites, and this is its major disadvantage.

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