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Samplisizer 1.2    May 11, 2006 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 18, 2013

Editorial review

Samplisizer is designed to make custom mixes from scratch. The best thing about this program is the fact that you don't need any specific knowledge or previous experience working with this type of software. An impressive library of loops and effects will help you create good mixes without spending years on enhancing your DJing skills.


When you create a new mix, you should start with the rhythm. Thus, choose drum pattern, then work with the bass pattern, and finally feel free to add any other sounds you want. The program has a comprehensible drag and drop interface and is sectioned conveniently. Thus, every single time you just go to the desired section, pick the loops, and drag and drop them right into the main panel.

On the completion, you can fix any synchronizing issues with a BPM (beat per minute) button. You can do the same with any sort of volume issues using the button at the bottom right. As you see, this program is really handy for the newbies because it helps fix major issues automatically.

All these disadvantages actually turns this program into an application for beginners. However, if you are a newbie, it's a good tool to choose to get a grasp of things and create your very first tracks.


  • Dull colors is one of the most striking visual disadvantages. Grayish and greenish colors make the overall look pretty boring and unattractive;
  • The limited number of channels (12) really simplifies the entire process which means it's really challenging to create tracks that sound professionally;
  • Inability to change the length of the loops. Thus, if there is an element that is 0,01 sec longer or shorter than you want, there's no way to change it;
  • You can save the tracks only in .wav format. It's quite popular and nice, but sometimes you have to go for additional conversion.

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