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Royal Sudoku 1.0    Nov 29, 2005 release

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Language: English
OS: Win 95 / Win 98 / Win 98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win NT / Win XP /
Size: 1.4 MB
Developer: Freegames4rest
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by SoftwarePuppy Nov 11, 2014

Editorial review

If you love solving Sudoku puzzles in your free time but hate the simplicity and even ugliness of most free Sudoku puzzle makers, you would love Royal Sudoku. It doesn't look like most puzzle applications and can be a challenge even for devoted fans of the game.


Surprisingly, this game does have some design. You'll see some Japanese style elements that look pretty nice and help create the right atmosphere. You score is displayed at the left and it's easy to keep a track of your progress. Besides, there is a convenient Undo button that allows you to cancel the changes that you have done wrong.

About the puzzles

The simplicity of the interface doesn't mean that the puzzles are easy to solve. In fact, that's quite a challenge, especially for those who are not used to them. If you are looking for an effective brain trainer that is easy to operate, Royal Sudoku would be the right tool for you. The puzzles generated by this application are unique and challenge your logical abilities.

About the application

The program is compatible with any Windows contraptions and comes lightweight and compact. The good news is you don't have to pay anything for downloading or installing it, neither in the beginning nor after some time. It's totally free and can be a good kind of a change for your regular time killers. You can use it not only for generating puzzles but also for solving the existing tasks due to a wide variety of combinations.

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