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Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2011    Sep 9, 2010 release

License: Full Version
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Developer: Konami
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 29, 2013

Editorial review

Pro Evolution Soccer is known as world's most popular soccer sim game ever, and PES 2011 is a great combination of decent gameplay, outstanding features, and striking visuals.

New features

The game is incredibly realistic. Unlike older versions of PES or alternative simulators, control system in PES 2011 goes far beyond the expectations. In overall, nothing is automatic any longer. Whenever you pass the ball, try to attack the opponent or defend your goal, you have to estimate the environment, mind the direction and control the power bar above the player's head because the ball won't find its way to other players by default.


Aside from minor changes, the game modes remain the same as compared to older versions. As for graphics, the game's visuals are as perfect as they have never been before. The players look hilariously similar to their real life models and the overall performance is tremendously realistic. Plus, the game is easy to customize.

Online Master League is one of the best things about PES 2011. Aside from managing your own players, you are now allowed to compete with other members online, make money, buy players, etc etc.


The lack of officially licensed teams and players has always been a major PES shortcoming. Although the issue isn't that obvious in 2011 version, it still remains.

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