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Perfect PDF Reader 7    Jul 27, 2011 release

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Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 30, 2013

Editorial review

Opening PDF files could be a tricky task to proceed. However, if you find and use a decent PDF reader, it will no longer be an issue. Perfect PDF Reader is a great software that would let you open PDF files without any hassle and even more. The interface reminds of the one of Microsoft Office, so working with the software is really simple.

Perfect PDF Reader can

  • Open any valid files of PDF format;
  • Add files to be opened via the computer browser and drag and drop method;
  • Print PDF files with your set up printer;
  • Export PDF files as text;
  • Export pages of PDF files one by one as image files;
  • Copy parts of PDF file (both textual and image data);
  • Rotate pages;
  • Proceed search within a PDF document by keywords;
  • Add digital signatures;
  • Send parts and whole documents via email;
  • Add bookmarks;
  • Take snapshots;
  • Highlight parts of PDF documents;
  • Zoom in and out certain parts of PDF documents;
  • Open documents in full screen mode.

Impression after using Perfect PDF Reader

Perfect PDF Reader is one of those software tools that is pleasant to work with not only because it has great-performed interface but also because the program is pretty impressive considering its functions. It can proceed such things, that even Adobe Readers can't fulfil. Speed and quality of work of Perfect PDF Reader is really impressive.

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