Password Folder Review

Password Folder 1.1 Beta    Jan 24, 2011 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win 2000 / Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 5.2 MB
Developer: IObit
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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 11, 2014

Basic information

Password Folder is a convenient solution for data protection, it helps to hide information you don't want to be seen: folders and all kinds of files (images, documents, audios and videos). You will still have easy access to the files, but they will be kept away from prying eyes.


  • Many programs of this type help to protect folders but make access to them harder for you. With Password Folder you won't have this problem;
  • Program supports drag and drop feature which makes it even more convenient: click on the file you want to hide, drag it into the program window and drop;
  • You can hide your entire hard drive;
  • There is an Exclude option which comes in handy when you want to hide all the folders except for one or two. You can simply exclude them from the list;
  • Any folder can be easily unlocked: open the program, right-click on a file you want to unlock and select Unlock from the drop-down list;
  • You can control the level of file protection: folders may be hidden or just protected from editing and / or reading;
  • If you are worried that someone may simply launch the program, unlock a folder and view your files, then remember that it is password protected;
  • Don't be afraid to forget a password: the program offers you to create a password hint (you can opt out of it if you believe it's not necessary);
  • When a folder is hidden, no one can see it, not even applications;
  • The tool supports shortcuts and comes with skins;
  • Interface is clear and intelligible, reminds that of QuickTime.


  • Password Folder is a simple tool and if you have some kind of life-and-death information stored on PC then you should probably choose a more powerful protection tool.

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