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Pandora Recovery 2.1.1    Aug 10, 2011 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 29, 2014

Editorial review

How many times did you delete files and regret that? You would be even more upset to know that in many cases files could have been restored. Indeed, after the deletion they are queued and hang out on your hard drive for a while before they actually disappear. Pandora Recovery helps you avoid such uncomfortable situations in the future by finding deleted files and reviving them.


When you read the developers' description, it looks like this program is literally almighty and can work miracles by recovering files that were deleted ages ago. It's hard to believe that anything in this world can resurrect deleted files that are several years old, but songs, images and some other types of files that you've deleted a couple of days or even weeks ago have good chances for a second life. Pandora Recovery showed good results with different types of files and can be an efficient tools for careless users.

How to search

The application offers to choose from several filters that will help it find the desired file on your computer. You can specify name, size or date and also select the drive. If you don't remember the size, name and creation date, you can just search the entire drive and check all the deleted files that are still alive.


The program shows you the list of matching objects and you can inspect it to find one that you've been looking for. Note that it wouldn't help you in each and every case and mostly works with audio and video files, images and documents that were deleted comparatively recently.

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