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PES 2012

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Developer: Konami
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 18, 2013

Editorial review

PES 2012 (Pro Evolution Soccer 2012) is a cross-platform football simulator that is featured by several gaming modes, artificial intellect and realistic graphics that makes the footballers faces quite recognizable.

New features

The main thing that differs PES 2012 from the other football simulators or its earlier versions is the new gaming modes such as Football Life, Training and Club Boss. Besides that it is possible to develop an aggressive style in order to change the match tempo in Become A Legend mode.

Apart from detailed graphics of characters' faces the additional features have been added to make the game more realistic. In particular even the most critical gamer will be satisfied by the minor uniform details, slightest facial expressions and even drops of sweat on characters' foreheads.

The physical engine of PES 2012 provides maximum realistic effect as well. You may be sure that the tracks of ball totally correspond the real possible ones.


The central aspect of PES 2012 still remains to be attack. Using Become A Legend or Teamplay modes it is important to perform powerful and aggressive attack against the counterpart team to increase the chances to win.

Defense strategy has become more complicated than in prior versions of PES. It is more difficult to resist the attacks of counterpart team due to the improved Artificial Intellect that significantly complicates the gameplay.

The additional Training and Club Boss modes will be interesting only for real fans. Using these modes the gamers get the possibility firstly to develop the strategy of each match carefully and then just enjoy the spectacular match.


  • Doesn't fully suit for keyboard users;
  • Complicated controlling;
  • Complicated start setting.

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