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PDF to JPG 3

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by SoftwarePuppy Oct 30, 2014

Editorial review

Working with documents in PDF format is a good idea… in case you have a decent PDF viewer and editor. If you have a bunch of important PDF documents and can't open them due to the absence of appropriate software, converting them to more usable formats would be an option. That's what PDF to JPG is all about.


Don't be misled by the title: JPG is not the only format you can work with. Aside from JPG, you can opt for BMP, GIF, PNG, TIF, TGA, and PCX. Feel free to choose any format that you find appropriate for your particular case.

How it works

The program does a great job converting your PDF files to other formats. All you need to do to make it work is hit the Add PDF Files button and import the files that you want to convert. Then, select the output format and output folder. You can either save the file in the source path or select the path manually. Finally, press the Convert button and check your files in the specified folder.


  • The program works with the most popular formats and you will doubtlessly find an appropriate one from the suggested list;
  • The output files look exactly like the original ones, i.e. they look like PDF documents. All the images, text and layout remain unchanged;
  • It also supports the conversion of password protected PDFs, which is a big plus;
  • The program supports batch conversion and it helps you keep your hands free and perform several tasks simultaneously;
  • Conversion speed is very good even if you queue a lot of files.


  • The program doesn't give you any editing options. Thus, all you can do is view the images;
  • Hyperlinks are no longer clickable when converted to any of the suggested formats. You can't copy or highlight them either, so the only way to check the link is copy it symbol-by-symbol manually.

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