PDF-XChange Viewer Portable Review

PDF-XChange Viewer Portable 2.5.211    Jun 19, 2013 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win 2000 / Win NT / Win XP / Win 2003 / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 8.0 MB
Developer: Docu-track
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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 1, 2014

Briefly about PDF-XChange Viewer

It's a program for managing PDF files: it opens and edits PDF, allows adding comments or just reading documents and books with ease. It's a perfect tool that works as a combination of Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat.


Interface is a little bit overloaded which can make your screen look smaller than it is. All the buttons and menus may be convenient for editing PDF but they definitely don't make reading any easier.


Since it's a portable version of the program, it doesn't require installation: you can carry it around on a portable device and use on any computer. Your friends will appreciate that you use a portable tool instead of installing new software on their PC.


  • Has an OCR feature (optical character recognition) which means the program will scan your image, recognize the text and save it as a document;
  • Allows adding stamps / watermarks: you can create a stamp using any picture on your PC;
  • Program has a built-in measurement instrument;
  • Allows adding text and comments or notes, correcting misprints;
  • Has a built-in PDF converter: edited files can be saved as JPEG, BMP, PNG, TIFF or any other popular image format;
  • Allows filling out PDF tables and forms and saving them to a portable device;
  • Can restore the last session if your PC is shut down incorrectly;
  • Works with popular translators (such as ABBY Lingvo, for example): if you have a translator installed, it will show explanations for the unknown words in PDF-XChange Viewer (only if this feature is enabled).

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