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PDF Editor 3.3    Apr 20, 2012 release

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License: Trial version
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 5.4 MB
Developer: Cadkas
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by SoftwarePuppy Jun 3, 2014

Editorial review

This simple PDF editing tool will allow you to edit your PDF files directly, add comments, change text, remove text body, insert and delete graphic objects. In order to start editing your PDF files just open them in this tool and perform all the necessary actions. Besides that this PDF editing tool will offer you the full set of special tool for drawing and processing graphic images. With PDF Editor it has become much easier to bring changes to your PDF files and processing them.


Apart from the basic editing function this software tool will also help you to create PDF documents from scratch. It is also possible to create PDF file using the files in other formats. It is possible to convert such printable files as Word, Excel or PowerPoint ones to PDF format. Convert one file or several files of various types to get the necessary basis for your PDF file.


PDF Editor is of compact size and has rather dull interface. On the other hand the absence of modern elegant interface doesn't influence the functional properties in any kind of way. Moreover the simple and minimalistic interface will release your from the troubles with finding this or that function. Anyway this PDF editor is definitely not for aesthetes.

File editing procedure

This PDF tool offers step-by-step file editing procedure. Right under the main toolbar you will see the five tabs. Each of them is responsible for the coordinate step of document processing.
  • To start working with the document you need to create it or open the existing one with the file manager tool;
  • The next stage is the basic one. This tab offers the great properties for editing both text and graphics. Apart from standard functions such as color selecting or setting font size this tool provides additional ones such as replacing massive text blocks and organizing the document structure.
  • Third tab offer page sorting set of tools;
  • Fourth tab will allow you to add comments and bookmarks;
  • The last step is to set up the encrypting and save the file.

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