Mozilla Firefox 3 Review

Mozilla Firefox 3 3.6.28    Jun 6, 2012 release

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Language: English
OS: Win 2000 / Win NT / Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Wind
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Developer: Mozilla
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by SoftwarePuppy Jun 7, 2014

Editorial review

Another version of the legendary web browser. Even old versions of Mozilla Firefox are pretty fast and have a plenty of helpful features which make them very useful and convenient.


  • One of the best Mozilla Firefox features that sets it apart from other browsers and gives it advantage even over Google Chrome is: it makes your work with add-ons easier which is very convenient for programmers;
  • As any other web browser it allows to set a home page, choose where to save downloaded files (a target folder), creating the list of favorites, bookmarking websites; clearing or keeping search history and URL history, enabling or disabling cookies;
  • It also offers Private browsing feature: you can open a new tab within which you can browse the net privately: your URL and search history won't be recorded;
  • There is a Help option: press on Help if you have any question about the browser and you'll be transferred to the page where all the answers can be found;
  • Those who enjoy watching movies online will find Full Screen option very convenient: Firefox-3 allows watching videos in full screen;
  • Despite the fact that this version isn't new, it responds very well and we haven't noticed any lagging;
  • It has a bulky tool panel which makes your computer screen and workspace look smaller.


  • The browser has all the options you need for surfing the Internet; it should be more than enough for an average user.


  • No matter how good Mozilla Firefox is, this version is too old to appreciate the beauty of the browser: it may be incompatible with some of the extensions and its panel of instruments is bulky and (the horror) resembles that of Internet Explorer.

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