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Microsoft Word 2010    Aug 22, 2013 release

License: Full Version
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
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Developer: Microsoft
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 21, 2013

Editorial review

Microsoft Word is a text editing program for Windows OSs. It works for creating and editing text documents, making tables and diagrams.

Working with texts

MS Word offers wide variety of in-built fonts (plus it supports downloadable fonts as well), it can change font size, and allows typing in bold or italics. It works with colors: highlights text, changes its color and underlines it. In MS Word you can change a default font, create 3D letters and shadows, adds formulas and math symbols. It helps to format your text by adding numerations (creating all sorts of lists), page numbers and headings. Word automatically performs a spell check if you specify a language: red underline usually shows misspells while green means the sentence needs to be revised. You can choose line spacing, shifts, page orientation, and text position: columns or plain text.

Additional features

A table can be inserted in the document: choose the number of rows and columns or have them appear themselves as you enter new data and press Enter. Images can be inserted, too: they can float in text or go separately. Graphs, shapes and screenshots can be added to your file. Make the first letter of the page large (as in books), add Title Page or change canvas color to make your document more vivid. Use Links tab to insert links. Hold Ctrl and roll a mouse wheel to zoom in our out. Zoom out to make the page look smaller or view a few pages within MS Word window.


MS Word opens .odt format (Open Document). It can save finished documents with .docx extension or .doc (for earlier versions of MS Word).

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