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Microsoft Reader 2.1.1    Nov 12, 2009 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Sep 24, 2014

Editorial review

More and more people refuse to read old school paper books and buy ebook readers. If you are one of them, you probably have a storage problem. Indeed, you need some virtual shelves for your digital library, and Microsoft Reader claims to be powerful enough to keep your ebooks in order.


The program allows you to open, read, bookmark and organize your ebooks. You can buy books in Microsoft Reader store and add it to your media library. Bookmarking feature will be very helpful for those who always forget where they've stopped reading. The text is really nice and readable and actually looks way better than that in other similar programs. Finally, there is a convenient annotations feature that many users will like a lot.


The bad news is that in spite of a good start, this program is actually dead. Microsoft doesn't issue the updates and Microsoft Reader looks really outdated in 2010s. The major problem occurs when you try to import ebooks that were not bought in Microsoft Reader store. When you try to do that, the annotation feature stops working and nothing actually happens.


A decent utility back in 2005, Microsoft Reader doesn't look attractive these days. There are lots of readers that look much better both in terms of interface and performance. Thus, there are not logical reasons to choose this program unless you feel good about this specific software for some unexplainable reasons.

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