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Microsoft Office Word Viewer 2007 12.0.6038.3000    Feb 21, 2013 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 2, 2014

Editorial review

If you don't deal with text documents too often, then you probably don't have Microsoft Word installed on your computer. In case you need to view or print some MS Word document but don't feel like installing it, Microsoft Office Word Viewer would be the best solution. This application allows you to open .doc files even if you can't view them using other tools on your computer.

About the program

Whenever you want to access .doc file, just open it with Microsoft Office Word Viewer. You'll see the document as a standard Word text. You can scroll down, copy and paste the text to other applications, press F5 to search for certain words, read and print it, but the rest of the elements available in Microsoft Office Word are missing: there are no task panel at the top and no tools. The document actually looks like a MS Word document but it doesn't have the full functionality.

Although the Viewer is capable of performing certain useful tasks, the list of things it can't do is much longer. Long story short, you can't create new documents, change the original text in any possible way, or save the document. The program is totally useless if you want to do any type of editing job, but it would be a life savior in case you've received a MS Office Word document and either don't have any text editors installed on your computer or in case your editor of choice is incapable of opening .doc files. Aside from .doc files, you can work with .docx ones, but this can only be done via converter.

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