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Microsoft Office 2013 Professional Plus 15.0.4454.1002    Dec 30, 2013 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Jun 11, 2014


Recently Microsoft company has introduced the new version of MS Office. The new batch of office applications was released together with Windows 8 OS. The users of Windows 8 will enjoy the new functions such as refreshed interface optimized for both touchscreen and keyboard, integration with cloud data storages and social networks.

New concept offered by Microsoft

Up to the year 2007 MS Office has been developing rather steadily and smoothly. Each new version of the batch used to add another set of functions to the apps and refresh the user interface. The central innovation offered by MS Office 2013 is not the interface however. Though it was announced that it provides the revolutionary interface which is targeted to overwhelm the two largest groups of MS Office users, touchscreen fans and conservative users who prefer using traditional ways of controlling: mouse, touchpad and keyboard. The matter is that this great idea is still shoddy and this two-way interface is to be developed and improved further. The new Office app batch is tightly bound with online services. It is possible to use MS Office by just subscribing it unlike the prior versions that needed installation. Moreover Microsoft allows the third party software developers to create the additional service for Office. That is why the new API based on HTML 5 and JavaScript was created. The new framework is focused on effective cooperate work with online services.

Types of subscription

Basically MS Office is still targeted to satisfy the corporate and business clients. Now system administrators needn't worry about update synchronization. Besides that the subscription allows to install MS Office 2013 onto 5 computers at least. It is possible to choose the suitable subscription according to your specific needs.
  • Home Premium includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, Publisher and OneNote. This set will provide the users with the comfortable work at home. besides that this variant presupposes granting the subscriber with additional 20Gb in cloud data storage drive;
  • Small Business Premium includes the apps contained in Home Premium as well as InfoPath and Lync apps, license for 10 users, Exchange mail service and business version of SkyDrive;
  • ProPlus version offers the same set of apps as the previous one but it provides 25 licenses;
  • Enterprise subscription includes all the mentioned apps and services. In addition it offer corporate version of Exchange Online, SharPoint Online and Lync Online.

Corporate work

All the modern cloud services are aimed to transfer the main apps to web browsers in order to provide the possibility of corporate work and better processing control. By launching MS Office 2013 and SkyDrive it is possible to have one and the same file edited by several users. However this feature is available only for Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. However this service differs from Google Docs where all the changes are seen in real time mode. MS Office app will inform you each time some other user starts editing your file. After that you will see the changes, apply or undo them. It is also possible to see which user edited the file.

User account

MS Office 2013 is tightly connected with Live ID. Any MS Office 2013 app allows its user to sign in. The Live ID button is located in upper left corner. After you sign in MS Office will apply your personal settings and profiles and open all the necessary documents stored in SkyDrive. That makes it possible to use any computer in order to work in your personalized environment. After you quit your Live ID your personal data will get encrypted and the previous settings of the computer will be restored.

Social Integration

Unlike Google Microsoft doesn't try to offer the alternative services but prefers to cooperate with the existing ones. That's why MS Office 2013 supports popular resources like Facebook, LinkedIn, Flickr an other ones. How does it work? It is possible to integrate your Microsoft account with your social networks accounts. After that you will be able to share your documents via Facebook, for instance. Live ID will also display you the users who are viewing or editing some shared files. It is possible to view People Card or even call the other users via Lync.


MS Office 2013 main disadvantage is its interface. The text apps are not very comfortable for being used on touchscreen devices. If you open Word document you will see that its menu doesn't differ much form the previous version. For example Paragraph tab includes tiny buttons and arrows which are difficult to be touched by fingers and are more suitable for stylus. Mouse and touchpad users complain that each occasional sliding motion returns them to Start screen. That is pretty annoying. The functions of apps and the principle of their usage remains the same as in earlier versions of MS Office.

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