Microsoft Access 2013 Review

Microsoft Access 2013 15.0.4420.1017    Apr 12, 2013 release

License: Trial version
Language: English
OS: Win 7 / Win 8
Developer: Microsoft
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by SoftwarePuppy May 24, 2014


MS Access is an application included in MS Office pack. MS Access 2013 radically changed its interface so it perfectly matches Windows 8 style. The app is used mostly for business purposes: it offers tools that are necessary for carrying out complicated tasks which can't be performed without certain programs. It offers a project manager, a task manager, a template for table of contacts and data base. It also includes an assets management tool.


  • Once you open the application, it displays the following options: create a custom web app, blank desktop database, asset tracking (which is extremely convenient for those who have to deal with large sums of money), contacts (your phone & address book), issue tracking (where you can put issues to address them later), project management (helps to keep track of what you have done and what you still need to do), desktop asset tracking (helps to access essential information from your desktop) and contacts web database;
  • Managing your database is now easier since all the templates are at hand. You can create multiple folders / tabs within one document: accounts, bills, billing rate, credit memo, deposit, estimate and more. Each of these tabs can contain tables providing information concerning a certain topic;
  • The program allows creating web applications and sharing them with your co-workers. With MS Access 2013 creating apps isn't hard, all the necessary tools and options are provided;
  • Aside from creating tables, the program lets its users build schemes that make project management easy and pleasant.

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