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Kingsoft Office Suite Free 2012    Nov 27, 2013 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 68.4 MB
Developer: Kingsoft Office
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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 7, 2014

Editorial review

Kingsoft Office Suite is a simplified analogue of Microsoft Office. The main reason why people choose this suite is the fact that, unlike Microsoft Office, it's free. The interface is exactly thу same so if you are a MS Office user you won't get lost in navigation.

Basic features

The suit includes three tools: Writer, Spreadsheets, and Presentation which are the analogues to MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. The interfaces of these tools are similar to those you are used to in Microsoft products. There is a toolbar at the top of the window and pretty much the same customization options. Although they are not as powerful as Microsoft ones, they still have all you need to work on your projects. Aside from basic features, you can still find some nice options like spell check, hot keys, etc.

Kingsoft suit is compatible with standard Microsoft Office documents and you can open and edit them without installing Microsoft suit.

Special Features

  • File encryption. If you want to password protect your files, you can do it with Kingsoft. You can either totally restrict the access or protect the file from editing;
  • In-built PDF converter converts your Kingsoft files to PDF and vice versa;
  • You can open multiple documents at a time and view them in separate tabs.

New features

2012 version is more stable and guarantees better performance as compared with the previous versions. Particularly, there are some improvements like a better scrollbar, new table styles, better speed, etc.

Kingsoft Office Suite is a great free alternative for Microsoft tools. It extracted the best features of MS Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and presented a brand new product that's lightweight, easy to use, and free of charge.

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