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Internet Explorer 9 9.0.8112.16421 Windows 7...    Mar 15, 2011 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Mar 24, 2014

Editorial review

Internet Explorer 9 has become a real surprise in the world of software applications because it was never a secret that the most part of computer users didn't supposed Internet Explorer to be a great program for surfing the Internet. However after its release Internet Explorer 9 has earned a far better reputation. To start with it's worth mentioning that Internet Explorer has finally turned into a quality web browsing tool. Right after installing Internet Explorer 9 the users notice its great speed of loading web pages. Internet Explorer 9 is ready for work right after launching instantly. There is no more need to wait for all the tabs and add-ons to load. You just start working with the Internet after double clicking Internet Explorer 9 icon.


  • Great loading speed;
  • Stylish elegant interface which organizes all the tabs, bars and menu panels wisely. The general height of all the panels doesn't exceed 100px. That means you will be provided with the maximum space for observing web content while all the necessary tools will always stay at hand;
  • The logics of opening new tabs has been improved greatly. Now you may open each new tab after the currently active one and use the hot keys Ctrl + Tab to switch between the tabs quicker. The copy tabs opens right after the original one;
  • The main property of Internet Explorer 9 is the ability to restore all the tabs which were opened during the previous session after the browser window had been closed;
  • Comfortable downloads window has finally appeared in Internet Explorer 9.


  • Internet Explorer 9 doesn't support plug-ins and add-ons except a few ones;
  • The function of automatic finish only annoys and is totally useless;
  • Internet Explorer 9 is supported only by Windows 7 and later versions of OS.

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