Internet Explorer 9 64-bit Review

Internet Explorer 9 64-bit 9.0.8112.16421 Windows 7...    Mar 15, 2011 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Nov 15, 2014

Editorial review

Internet Explorer used to be weaker than other popular browsers, but the situation has significantly changed since the release of this version. Windows 7 users can now enjoy changes like an extended list of options, better performance and more advanced look to name a few.


The first thing that you notice when launch this browser is a new interface that looks much better than its predecessors. The developers tried to keep it simple but powerful and they reached the goal successfully. The address bar and search box are now merged and give you a better user experience. New interface is more transparent and looks really attractive.


Among the enhancements we would like to mention better security characteristics. It makes your browsing experience safer due to additional filters. IE blocks malicious websites and prevents infections much more effectively than before. Plus, a new Performance Advisor tool detects add-ons that can affect the speed of the browser, which is a very useful feature. InPrivate Filtering tool also adds some points to the security level.


The browser works great: the speed is high and improved interface and new features makes your user experience way better than it used to be. Basically, there are no particular weaknesses to be mentioned here. Some features are still weaker than those in other popular browsers, but there is nothing that can make a real gap.

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