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Internet Explorer 10 for Windows 7 10.0.9200.16521    Feb 26, 2013 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 17, 2013


Internet Explorer is one of the most widely known Internet browsers in the world. It used to be the most popular one before it got out-competed by Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Nonetheless, every Windows OS comes with Internet Explorer by default, and IE 10 is one of its newest and fastest versions. Originally Internet Explorer 10 was developed for Windows 8, but there is IE 10 for Windows 7. Unfortunately, users of earlier versions of Windows can't have IE 10.


  • Internet Explorer 10 doesn't have a bulky task bar anymore: it is very slim and doesn't take up a quarter of your screen like in previous versions. There are three main buttons (aside from "reload"): home button, list of favorites and settings button;
  • A new opened tab displays sites that you recently visited, to go to any of them again, simply click on the icon of the site;
  • Every time you open IE 10, you can restore the previous Internet session: load all the pages that were opened before you closed the site for the last time. To do that, click to open a new tab and you will see the option right under your recently visited websites;
  • The default home page is Bing "" whenever you open the browser it takes you to it (the home page can be changed);
  • IE 10 is much faster than its previous versions. It feels as fast as Google Chrome which means IE got back on the horse and can compete the most popular browsers in the world.

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