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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 17, 2014

Editorial review

Most people use high quality cameras for shooting pictures these days. They give them an awesome quality and colors, but there is just one tiny shortcoming that they have to deal with - these images are really bulky in terms of size and it can be hard to share them online. Image Compressor will solve this problem by compressing them in JPEG format.


The program works miracles with your files and compresses JPEG images by 20-45% without losing too much in terms of quality. The output images still look good although become times lighter than they used to be. It would be especially useful when you work with really heavy HD files that appear to be too bulky for storage and sharing.

The program offers several editing features that help you polish your images without using third party applications. The toolkit isn't very large but will be quite useful for basic editing tasks. There is a cool mode for creating 3D presentations, but unfortunately there's no way you can share them with people online.

Image Compressor allows you to make your JPEG files lighter by compressing them; after that, you can share your files with friends or upload them onto photo services for convenient storage. In spite of the fact that the program has to sacrifice the quality (this is the only way to compress files), the images still look good and the changes aren't seen with a naked eye. Additional editing features and the ability to create 3D projects makes this program a great deal.

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