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Grand Theft Auto Volume 1    Apr 25, 2006 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 16, 2014

About the game

Grand Theft Auto Volume 1 is the first game in the legendary GTA franchise, true fans will be happy to try it out and see how it all started. FYI: originally this violent game was named Race & Chase.


The game is set in a city familiar to all GTA players: Liberty City. The main character has to perform certain tasks in order to please his boss and get to the next level. Those tasks can include all sorts of illegal actions from stealing cars and breaking the speed limit to killing cops. A player also gets to visit other cities known to GTA fans, such as Vice City and San Andreas.


In every city a player has to complete series of levels, each of them includes a set of certain tasks. Every task earns you a number of points, e.g.: ramming a car gives 10 points, while killing a cop - 1000 points. There is a small choice of weapons; nonetheless, for some players this may be enough: a gun, a machine gun, flamethrower, rocket launcher and a good old fist. While driving a stolen car you can listen to the radio, the game offers over 5 radio stations to choose from and game soundtrack makes playing even more fun.


Graphics is ridiculously outdated, if you are used to playing realistic games it's going to be really hard on the eye. On the other hand, if you like original games, this may be a perk.

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