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Google Chrome for Windows 8 22.0.1229.96    Nov 14, 2013 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 19, 2014

About Windows 8 and Chrome Browser

It is a well-known fact that Windows 8 has the new type of interface called Metro. This version of interface is aimed to be used on tablet computers or any other portable devices, like cell phones with touch screen and weaker ARM platforms. The apps for Metro UI should be developed in a new specific way. It is important to use the new means of developing and take into account designing the interface suitable for touch screens. The brilliant example of the new approach is the new version of the fastest Internet browser Google Chrome for Windows 8. Its interface has been developed with regard of the new Metro interface peculiarities. At the first sight Google Chrome for Windows 8 may seem to be a twin of the previous version of this browser. However the users may notice that the buttons have become larger and the gaps between the buttons and lines is increased now. This is made for providing maximum comfort for the users who use fingers to navigate their browser on a tablet or cell phone. Now you may enjoy the quick access to the main online services just in one click or touch.

Installation and Properties

The current version of Google Chrome browser for Windows 8 may be installed along with the basic version. These two versions of one and the same browser won't interfere or conflict with each other. In order to launch Metro version of Google Chrome it is necessary to install it as default browser. You may also enter your Google Account and sync the tabs and bookmarks with Windows 8 version of Chrome browser. Google Chrome for Windows 8 supports various themes and extensions including Flash content.

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