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GoGo MP3 to CD Burner 1.0    May 28, 2007 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Sep 22, 2014

Editorial review

If you want to record a CD for your sweetheart or just backup your audio files to prevent data loss, burning them to CD is a smart option. GoGo MP3 to CD Burner would aid you tremendously with this task in case you hate your CD burning software that is preinstalled on your computer by default.


The first good news is that this program doesn't limit the supported formats to MP3. It also works with WMA, WAV and OGG files and successfully burns them to CDs.

The quality of the files remains unchanged because the program creates an exact copy of the digital files you use. They will sound just as nice as your original files.

Probably, many of you have faced with the situation when you wait for a lengthy burning process to complete only to find out that it failed. Burn Proof technology embedded with GoGo MP3 to CD Burner will be highly appreciated in such cases. This technology checks the process before it actually starts and notify you if there's something wrong.

How to use it

If you want to use a re-writable CD, go for the Erase CD option first. It will remove unnecessary data and allow you to burn new media to the disc. Then, you want to go to the Add files section to import the files. Finally, go to the Burn CD section and follow the guidelines to complete the process.

GoGo MP3 to CD Burner is a decent tool for quick and easy burning. Unfortunately, it doesn't work with video files, which is its major disadvantage. Anyways, if burning MP3 is your only goal, you would find this program quite effective.

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