GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition Review

GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition GTAIVSA 0.4.2 Beta 2    Jan 31, 2012 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
Size: 470.7 MB
Developer: GTAIV:SA Team
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 25, 2013


GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition is a mod for GTA IV San Andreas. This mod makes the game even more enjoyable: now you can drive a car and perform your tasks in winter. Snow and Christmas-like look definitely make it more interesting.


To use this mod, you need to have GTA IV installed, as the offered mod doesn't contain the game itself, it only adds snow to the existing game. Download the mode (an archive), unpack it and run the exe file to install it. Follow the given instructions and in just a couple of minutes you will be able to enjoy winter scenery while playing GTA.


  • Snow covers every spot and now you can see your favorite places in a new perspective: all the fields, mountains, house roofs and bridges are white;
  • Even though there's snow all over the GTA IV world, you still get to ride a bike (although it is harder due to weather conditions);
  • Even water is frozen which makes GTA IV winter very lifelike;
  • Snow and ice aren't there just to make the game prettier, for example: whenever your character steels a car and throws out the driver, that person falls down and slides on ice. If you push someone or fall, there is also sliding just like it is in real life;
  • Navigating the car in winter is harder which means you need to be careful;
  • GTA IV San Andreas - Snow Edition is well thought through: every car leaves a trail on snow;
  • You can even throw snowballs.

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