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Firefox Aurora 25.0 a2    Feb 12, 2014 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 18, 2014

Editorial review

Some of you may know that Google offers different versions of Chrome for different categories of users. Mozilla has chosen the same approach and released Aurora - a web browser with extended functionality. This version is designed for advanced users and features above-the-average characteristics. Firefox Aurora is basically a teaser for the upcoming browser.


Aurora is an experimental build and obviously lacks stability. It's recommended to back up the system prior to installation. After that, you can give it a test drive and report the detected issues to help the developers make the project better. Actually, this build is comparatively stable, but some prevention measures are still required.

Who can use it

The build will be useful for anyone who wants to test the features of the new browser before the actual release. You can check new logo, interface and backend changes and even give the developers a hand in improving the browser.


There is not much of a change in the interface. You will still see your favorite websites as thumbnails on the welcome page and the overall appearance is pretty much the same.

Mozilla is about to release their web store and the functionality of Aurora is being adjusted to the store. You will have an easier access to bookmarks, downloads and other elements as well. Instant URL completion is another useful upgrade.

The latest version of Mozilla is a new level of comfort and efficiency, and Firefox Aurora gives you a chance to test the water and see what it looks like before the official release.

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