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Firefox for Windows 8 26.0a1 Nightly Build    Feb 7, 2014 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win 8
Size: 16.6 MB
Developer: Mozilla
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by SoftwarePuppy Nov 27, 2014

Editorial review

Nightly Build is a new version of Firefox designed for Windows 8. It gives you the best features of your favorite browser but comes with an improved look that doesn't conflict with Windows 8 interface and design. Note that this is a testing build, which means that it should be used for testing and can have certain stability issues.


New browser greets you with a welcome page that shows you all your frequently used websites. It allows you to access your faves with easy without even typing the address in the search box. The page also shows all your bookmarks and thus makes your browsing experience way easier. From now on, the bookmarks are sorted in lists and it really feels handier than the old folders.

Most features remained unchanged and the browser doesn't feel like a new one in terms of interface. However, there are some new features, too, for example live thumbnails. They display the websites that you open and look really cool and impressive. They are easy to manage and add some extra hotness to the browser.

Lion's share of changes belongs to the design. Indeed, they have improved lots of details (for example tabs that are now rounded like those in Google Chrome) and make the browser look more organic within Windows 8. Seriously, using it is an aesthetic pleasure.

On the downside, it is still a build, which means it's full of bugs and stability issues. However, thorough fixes will eliminate all these problems and allow us to enjoy a thoughtfully redesigned and fundamentally enhanced browser on Window 8-based machines.

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