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Family Tree Builder    Feb 23, 2012 release

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by SoftwarePuppy May 30, 2014


Family Tree Builder is a new free software solution for effective and quick genealogical tree building. This application contains all the innovative features which have been developed during the recent years.

Main tools

  • Face recognizing smart technology;
  • Visual data submitting;
  • Impressive 3D presentation;
  • Possibility to publish your family tree in multiple shapes and forms in real time mode.

Further info

Visual Data Entry function will allow you to see how your family tree grows. It is possible to create new family trees with the help of this tool or import the ready ones. Using Family Tree Builder you will also be able to print out the quick reports, spreadsheets, books and other files. Since this tool supports widest range of languages you may create your family tree in any of them. That is very comfortable for the people who have ancestors and relatives speaking in various languages. Create a comprehensible genealogical scheme for everyone using multiple languages.

Special properties

In comparison with other similar programs this tool offers far more properties for effective data displaying. Upload photos and image files in order to associate them with people, events or facts. It is also possible to create virtual cemetery with graphic headstones displaying the names and life journeys of the deceased ancestors and family members. Use the function of smart face recognizing to detect faces on all the uploaded photos automatically. Just submit the name of the necessary person and the tool will show his or her face on all the available photos. Using this tool you may also publish your family tree on the web. Share your genealogical background with other users online.

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