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Facebook for Windows Mobile    Dec 31, 1969 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Nov 24, 2014

Editorial review

If you are a busy person, you obviously want to have an access to your favorite websites not only from your home computer but also on the go. And of course you want to keep in touch with your friends and share the best moments of your life with people across the globe wherever you go. Facebook v for Windows Mobile is a must-have application in case you use a Windows phone.

Basically, the program is nothing but your favorite social networking website in a compact size. The developers eliminated several advanced features in order to make the application lighter and easier to use on mobile devices. Particularly, you can't use instant messenger, run apps, and access some other features. Luckily, other popular and necessary features remained unchanged and you can use them exactly how you do when browsing Facebook from your computer.

You can view the full newsfeed that includes everything that's going on on your friends' pages or just check their status updates. You can update your own status and post new pictures and videos. All in all, the program offers Facebook's basic functionality without overloading your device with tons of bulky (and oftentimes unnecessary) features. You can also use a Phonebook option to quickly find the contact and call people without quitting the application.

On the downside, this program doesn't allow you to use Facebook at its full capacity. You will have to be content with a limited functionality, but that's the only way you can enjoy a heavy application on a not so powerful device.

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