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Facebook Video Chat 1    Jan 18, 2012 release

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OS: Win 95 / Win 98 / Win 98 SE / Win ME / Win 2000 / Win NT / Win XP / Win 2003 / Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8 / Win Vist
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Developer: OutBrowse Ltd
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by SoftwarePuppy Nov 17, 2014

Editorial review

The title says it all: this application gives you the last thing that Facebook used to lack - video chat option! You can enable it on your mobile phone and come as close with your Facebook friends as the virtual space can possibly allow.


So, the program is a lovechild of Facebook and Skype and feels so natural that one starts wondering why this feature wasn't implemented years ago. The application is seamlessly integrated with your Facebook profile and only adds a tiny icon. All you need to do is hit it and video chat via Facebook similarly to your regular Skype sessions.

There are 2 windows just like in Skype and you can resize both by dragging the corner with your mouse. Initiating the call on Facebook is very easy and much more straightforward than that on Google+, but there is one serious flaw: you can only initiate one-on-one calls. The conference video chat option is not available. Besides, note that this program doesn't work without Java.

The quality is satisfactory: there are occasional freezes but the picture is nice and sharp. Obviously, lots depend on your Internet connection, but the overall performance is good.

The bottom line is having the ability to video chat with your friends on the go using your mobile device is definitely a great progress. This little app allows you to initiate one-on-one calls similar to Skype ones without quitting Facebook. Although you can't initiate hangouts with lots of people involved, it's still a great addition that is totally worth trying.

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