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Facebook Messenger for Windows    Nov 14, 2012 release

License: Trial version
Language: English
OS: Win Vista / Win 7 / Win 8
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Editorial review

Facebook is one of the 3rd most visited websites in the world and millions or people have their personal accounts over there. Since Facebook is a website, you can only have access to it through an opened tab of your browser. When there is a new activity connected with you account you won't find out about it right away but only if the tab of Facebook is an active one. To know all the time what is happening with your Facebook and if you have any new messages, you can install Facebook Messenger.


Facebook Messenger is a sort of IM that is based on your Facebook account. Interface is very simple, it's a vertical long and pretty narrow window divided into several parts. In the upper one you see the regular icons of Facebook "" Friends (or friend requests), Messages and Notifications.

Below these is a board in which you see the latest activities of your friends (you can customize the height of this fields if desired). On the right you also can see profile picture that belongs to the account with which you logged in to Facebook Messenger.

And lower you see the list of your friends with the mark if they are online or not. There is also search through your friends available in the bottom of the messenger window.


When you receive or send messages, a new square window will pop up. You will see a chat and the name of the person with whom you are chatting on top of the window. If you have multiple chats with several people, you will see tabs that correspond to each person in the bottom of the chat window.

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