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Facebook Chat @Desktop 1.1.5    Nov 11, 2013 release

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by SoftwarePuppy Feb 26, 2014

Purpose of the app

If you are a Facebook fan you have probably faced some kind of difficulty with staying always online. In order to receive and send messages it is necessary to keep the browser windows open. Meet Facebook Chat @Desktop. This is an official instant messenger app that will allow you to exchange Facebook messages with your browser closed. This desktop client will launch the message frame right on your desktop. Besides that Facebook Chat @Desktop will also display the news feed apart from providing message service. In fact this is a compact app which unites the essential Facebook functions and lets you stay in touch with your Facebook friends while your browser is closed. Now you may get rid of that annoying oppressive feeling that you need to launch your browser and refresh your Facebook page again and again to stay informed about the latest events.


  • Facebook Chat @Desktop provides its users the smooth and persistent access to Facebook message chat via the compact frame located on a computer desktop;
  • News feed support;
  • Basic Facebook functions such as notifications, friend requests are available via Facebook Chat @Desktop while the browser window is closed.


The developers of Facebook Chat @Desktop claim that this application which is able to provide the access to the basic Facebook features will prevent the Facebook users from stopping using this social network occasionally. The matter is that Facebook Chat @Desktop will make the Facebook networking experience more pleasant and comfortable. The users are released from the feeling that they need to keep their browser window opened constantly. Besides that Facebook Chat @Desktop provides only basic functions so if you wish to optimize your Facebook usage process this is the best solution.

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