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by SoftwarePuppy Apr 10, 2014

Editorial review

Whenever you deal with embedded videos in the Internet, you can be sure they come in FLV format. This is the most widespread extension these days, and its popularity is only exceeded by its power! It's not very easy to work with such files on your computer without having a special player, but you can convert your FLV files to MP3 to make them easier to handle.

How it works

The program uses an effective compression mechanism to significantly reduce the size of the file. Thus, converting your FLV files to MP3 will be extremely useful for file storage and sharing even if you have a FLV player installed on your computer.

Most media files that you download from YouTube and other streaming websites come in FLV format. If you want to download a video from YouTube, this converter would be a standby tool for you.

How to convert files

The program gets the job done in just two steps:
  • Import the video that you want to convert using a Browse button;
  • Hit the Convert button and wait.
As simple as that. Like it or not, there are no configuration settings like bitrate or frame rate. Besides, there are no other formats to choose although some users may find MP3 not good enough for their needs. MP3 is considered to be a medium quality format and it wouldn't be good enough for users with higher demands.


So, FLV TO MP3 Converter is a good and simple tool for quick and easy conversion. There are no fancy features to be mentioned and if you are okay with that, this program would be a good tool for you.

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