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Easy Video Downloader 2.1    Nov 4, 2009 release

License: Free
Language: English
OS: Win XP
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Developer: Easy Video Downloader
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by SoftwarePuppy Dec 9, 2014

Editorial review

Working with YouTube files is a massive job that comes with lots of nuances involved. However, many users don't want to mess with endless configuration settings and look for quick and easy ways to download and convert videos. If that's the case, Easy Video Downloader is your ideal option. It helps you download the videos instantly and convert them to AVI or MP4 format in a fuss-free way.

General information

The program is pre-configured and incredibly easy to use. There are only 3 steps: insert the YouTube URL, choose the output folder, and select the format (AVI, MP4, or original FLV format). After that, hit the Start button and wait until the video is downloaded onto your computer in a selected format. The speed depends on the length of the video but the overall statistics shows that this program is speedy enough to meet standard requirements.

Target users

This program will suit anyone who wants to download videos from YouTube or Google videos. This program was designed mostly for novice users that don't know the peculiarities of YouTube downloads, but it will also be useful for anyone who doesn't want to mess with the settings and want to save some time.

"Easy" is a keyword in Easy Video Downloader. Indeed, its best characteristic is its simplicity. On the other hand, this characteristic can be negative for those who want to have control over their downloads and would like to configure certain sections and parameters. If you are an advanced user, you'd better look for another program, but those who are looking for simplicity will find it extremely useful.

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